О маракуйе за пазухой.


Я оставлю здесь письмо Сары, в котором она по моей просьбе рассказывает о своей семье.

Надеюсь, вам не составит труда воспользоваться переводчиком, если это понадобиться.


"Hi Julia! 
Thank you very much for the photo session. It was a very nice and pleasant experience! Usually I am the photographer of the family, so I have a few photos of all 4 of us. Thank you very much! I can't wait to see them! 

Louis and I first met in Madrid when I was in college. I moved to a small apartment and right on the floor below Louis had his workshop. So we met while we were neighbors  [?]  We spent 7 more wonderfuls years in Madrid until I got pregnant. Before that, we had decided to get married in Tenerife and two months later I got pregnant  [?]  So we decided to continue with the wedding and we got married 6 weeks before Léon's birth  [?]  
We had thought of coming back to Madrid as soon as Léon had a few months, but we fall in love with the island and since then we have not been able to get out of here. We do not imagine a better place to raise our children...

Louis is an artist, muralist and painter. You can find all his works on his website: www.3ttman.com  He has found the perfect place in Canary Islands to continue with his great passions: painting, surfing, and family of course  [?]

I'm a book-editor. I usually work from home. Although in the last years I have been dedicated more to the family. As a personal project, Louis and I are working on publishing a book about children's literature based on some Guanche legends. We'll see if we can publish it...

The place where we were the other day is a special place for us. The legend about Los Dos Hermanos tells that two twin brothers were separated and they met again years later and they ended up to falling in love of each other. When they discovered that they were brother and sister, they decided to end their lives and they jumped from the top of the mountain. At that moment, a lightning bolt fell and broke the mountain in two parts... and since then it was renamed as Los Dos Hermanos (The two brothers)

So here is a brief summary of our lives  [?] Thank you very much again for contacting me and for offering me this wonderful gift  [❤]  we keep in contact. I hope we meet again some day!


Сара, Луис, Леон, Инди и Бамбам)

Тенерифе. Испания